Labs & Factories

Beta Chemical has a Formulation Development Lab based in the premise of chemistry department of Beijing University, Beijing and at its head office in Haidian, Beijing. The development is manned by formulation chemists and Beta has plans to further strengthen this lab with more specialist. The basic purpose of this lab is to test the available formulations that Beta markets and also those formulations which Beta is planning to market either by changing the formulation  type of the existing products or develop new formulations for the products that are in Beta’s pipeline.

With the help of this group, Beta plans to introduce more eco-friendly formulations which are safer both for the user and environment.

The location of this lab in the university premises also helps the scientist to have technical interaction with the scientist of the universities from different departments like chemistry, life science, environmental sciences, etc., which is the best way to meet Beta’s vision of providing newer and safer formulation to our associates and friends – the farmers.

Beta has invested in TC factories in China, one in Inner-Mongolia for Emamectin Benzoate and one in Hebei province for Imidacloprid and intermediates CCMP.

In Oct., 2017, Beta has invested a formulation and auxiliaries factory-Nantong Deyi Chemical Co., Ltd in Jiangsu province, capable of providing whole portfolio from TC to self-made auxiliaries and formulations for customers. Pls. find more in its homepage

In April, 2021, Beta Acquired 70% of Xi’An MTI Co., Ltd., which is a designated pesticide enterprise approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information of the People ’ s Republic of China, a board member of China Agricultural Industry Association, and a vice-president unit of Shaanxi Provincial Pesticide Association. Pls. find more in its homepage

In the near future, more new factories would be established or invested to provide elegant and dedicated products to every clients.